Kaiju Games is a game developer and services studio founded by industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience in all kinds of interactive projects.

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Al Rocío

Platform:Mobile (Android | iOS)
Genre:Strategy, Simulation, Casual
Release Date:Available! (May 2021)

Al Rocío, is the first simulator of the El Rocio Journey. Become a pilgrim, create your own Brotherhood and travel around Andalusia until you reach the Almonte Church and find the White Dove! Discover an adventure with a flamenco rhythm in glorious pixel art!

3D Art Production

Producción de 3D, animación y diseño de personajes (EVa-D y Fabri-K) embajadores de EVAD, Escuela Superior de Videojuegos y Arte Digital para meteriales promocionales en web y redes sociales.


Edufinet is a financial simulator designed to explain money concepts and management in a fun and enjoyable way for all kind of players.

Get ready to discover that financial matters are not something for another planet!

Kronno Zomber

Platform: Mobile (Android | iOS)
Genre: Platforms, Action, Casual, Runner
Release date: Available! (LATAN + Spain)

The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived to stay! Run or become dessert! Ready for the race of your life? Become Kronno Zomber and… Run! Jump! Dodge! But most importantly, don’t let the ferocious horde catch you!

A T-Rex riding a motorbike? A lying dog shooting missiles? A Flying skateboard? A Samurai dog armed with a katana? Discover all the crazy Power-Ups that you have at your disposal and defeat all the zombies that get in your way.

This is only the beginning!


Client: AMCO
Platform: Windows, iOS, Android
Genre: Educational Serious Game
Release Date: Available!
Web: https://eduzland.eu

eduZland is a curricular learning program in videogame format to work in Spanish Language and Literature and Mathematics in Primary Education.

A 100 % digital learning environment designed on the basis of personalised learning pathways for each learner.


Platform: PS4, HTC, Oculus
Genre: Virtual Reality, Adventure, Puzzle Game
Release Date: TBA

Naukograd is an immersive experience exclusively designed for Virtual Reality. In this game, Julia, a Canadian photographer, is invited to travel to Russia to make a photographic report of a recently discovered Naukograd: one of the many secret scientific and military cities built by the former Soviet Union.  

"Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost" J. R. R. Tolkien

Aguinaldo 40

Client: Los 40
Platform:: Android, iOS
Genre:Augmented Reality APP
Release Date:December 7th 2020

El Aguinaldo returns in the form of a brand new App! The famous and beloved Christmas radio gymkhana is now an APP in which you will be able to explore the city, capture gifts and geolocalized clues along the city in Augmented Reality.

And of course you will be able to listen to Los 40 Malaga radio station right from the App!

Our Paradise

Kaiju Games’ headquarters are located in Málaga, one of the sunniest cities in Spain and one of the best places to live and work.

Málaga gathers the best weather conditions in Europe, ancient monuments and sights, important business sectors such as tourism, technology or construction, and relevant artistic, cultural and gastronomic values.

Málaga is a province in Andalucía, the most charismatic region in the country and combines modernity and technology with a cultural heritage of more than 3000 years.

The city’s Pablo Ruiz Picasso International Airport is Andalucía’s main airport, serving more than 85% of international flights. Moreover, its Sea Port is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean Sea. The city is also well connected with the rest of Spain by national highways and the Málaga María Zambrano train station, served by the high-speed train (AVE)

About Us

Kaiju Games is a game developer and services studio founded by industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience in all kinds of interactive projects.

Our team have worked in national and international titles for PC, consoles and mobile with partners and companies such as Crytek, 505 Games, Pyro Studios, Yahoo!, Wanadoo, RTVE, 1C, Atari, Activision, Namco Bandai, FlowPlay, Grupo Planeta, Abysse Corp, WildTangent, BigFish or Strategy First.


Game Developnent
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Virtual Reality
Serious Games

Whereas your project is meant to be for mobile, console, VR or a serious game, Kaiju Games is the partner you are looking for.

Our team provides a wide range of developing services and solutions: from complete turn-key projects to custom art, programming or service design for all kinds of projects and budgets while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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